Contacts and Reference Group

The role and responsibilities of the ETPLAS Contacts and Reference Group


Stakeholders of ETPLAS are derived from authorities of Member States, Accrediting Bodies and Course Providers, those undertaking or contemplating training in laboratory animal science and representatives of laboratory animal science (LAS) associations.

In consequence, anybody providing education and training in LAS, representing a body accrediting or approving education and training courses in LAS, being representative of a National Competent Authority or a National Contact Point within a Member State, or an expert designated by the National Competent Authority/ NCP, or an organization with an interest in LAS or training can be part of ETPLAS.

These persons will constitute the ETPLAS Contact Group.

Details of the persons who wish to be registered as Contacts will be entered into a Register of Contacts which will be maintained by the Secretary.

Any details provided to ETPLAS for the Register of Contacts (which will be maintained separately from any course information supplied for the purpose of publication under Courses and Programmes) will be held in confidence and will not be shared with any third party.

Reference Group

The Reference Group is a sub-group of Contacts that have expressed an interest in becoming more involved in the activities of ETPLAS but would not have time to be members of the Steering Committee. The function of this Reference Group is to provide additional review, comment and feedback for any documents prepared by the ETPLAS Steering Committee. Ideally, Reference Group members will be able to widen the geographical area that is represented by members of the Steering Committee.

The contribution of the Reference Group will be acknowledged on the ETPLAS website.

It is expected that members of the Reference Group will be active.

All communications and documents received should be acknowledged even if the member has no comments to be made. No reply to the Secretary after receiving 3 requests for feedback will mean removal of membership from the Reference Group.

Any ETPLAS Contact who feels they would like to contribute to ETPLAS can ask for consideration to become a Reference Group member. Please state your interest to the Secretary via e-mail to [email protected] A positive response from ETPLAS is likely unless there are several interested contacts from the same country with similar affiliation. It is important that the Reference Group has a balance of both demographic and experienced stakeholders. It is likely that the number of members of the Reference Group will exceed the number of Steering Committee members.

Communication with ETPLAS

Role Contact Group Reference Group
CA/MS representative 32 4
Course Accreditor/Approver 18 4
Training provider 111 23
LAS organisation 6 1
Other 8 1

Numbers refer to data base entries

A number of contacts have been recorded in the data base as having multiple roles

TOTAL (actual) 175 33

ETPLAS has registered contacts from all EU member states which undertake animal research plus Norway and Switzerland.

The Reference Group includes representatives from Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

Information correct in October 2017.